Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Love, Wisdom and Guidance
through Soul Reflection

“This book gives hope, faith, and guidance to inspire others to know you are not alone in your challenges. It also serves as a great mentoring resource to provide inspiration for youth going through their growing pains.”
My contributing chapter, ‘I Am Present,’ reminds us to stay connected to our hearts and to remember that it’s our inner essence, not the circumstances, that determines our beauty, our strength and who we really are.

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Kimle Nailer, known as the, “Alchemist for Soul Awakening” is committed to teaching women the importance of experiencing their inner essence as their expression of beauty. Her focus for women is to not just “look amazing,” but to “be amazing.” Her passion is helping women transition from painful memories of the past into confident, capable visionaries for their lives, businesses, and communities.
Ms. Nailer conquered her low self-esteem from childhood to discover the power of re-connecting to her inner essence. Today, she is a “happy and successful, heart-centered entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, best-selling international author, and spiritual intuitive life coach.” She speaks regularly at women’s retreats, conferences, schools, corporations and various organizations.